ETS2 Scania Next Gen Tandem With Trailer


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ETS2 Scania Next Gen Timber Tandem With Trailer

Working & tested on 1.28.x game version

Working dolly

Customisable interior / Cabin DLC accessories enabled /

– 3 cabins; Highline S and R, Low roof S
– 2 chassis; 6×2 Rear Tag, 6×4 Double Drive
– 36 engines; 18 stock sounding engines, 18 Kriechbaum sounding engines (L6 and V8)
– Multiple genuine Scania Gearboxes
– Interior options
– Steering Wheel accessories
– Multiple paintjobs
– Multiple tuning points
– Lightbox template

Exterior slots on truck and chassis

Templates included

– 2 trailers; loaded and empty
– both trailers have working dollys
– Custom LEDs

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