3D Scania S730 Torpedo Next Gen Tandem Hay Transport Model


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A 3D model of Scania S730 Torpedo Next Generation with trailer for hay/bale transport

Model custom made with tunning parts,back wooden platforms,custom matching dolly trailer etc.All details can be spotted in the renders

Model comes with HQ textures

Warning : this is not a model for low PC components,you need a decent PC to handle the 3D models from this pack

Truck : 2088432 vertices, 1497188 polygons

Trailer : 418295 vertices, 362877 polygons

Truck wheels : 280408 vertices, 269124 polygons

Trailer wheels : 122278 vertices, 100860 polygons

Format : OBJ files (truck,trailer,truck wheels,trailer wheels)

Textures : PNG & JPEG


Important Notice : Remember this is a 3D model,not a ingamed model.To have this working in the game u would want it for,you need to ingame it (export it).

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