Frequently Asked Questions

I have a download error on my purchased item,what must i do ? ?

Unfortunately,somethimes the hosting server has is to overloaded and gives errors. You can try to log in the online shop from a different browser,but the best and fast way is to contact our team on the Facebook Page ( ) and u will be provided with a alternative download link for your item/s

Can I Use A 3D Model Directly In ETS2 ?

No. A 3D item is not an .SCS format file when you purchase it. To get it working in ETS2 game,you must EXPORT it ingame. YouTube platform offers a lot of tutorials on how to learn the export process,it is not easy,but also,not impossible.

Softwares needed for exporting a 3D model into a .SCS file : Zmodeler3 or Blender.

80% of clients purchase 3D models for their lower price and have used YouTube to learn export !

How can I find my purchased item after payment ?

After PayPal payment, the purchased item/s comes : direct window Pop-Up / email provided (or email registered on your Personal Account) / stores itself in My Purchases section in Personal Account.

Every item purchased has unlimited downloads enabled.

WARNING : in case of illegal action from the side of the client,we can restrict/cancel ACCESS to the site/personal account.

What happens if an item/s purchased by me is going on public download from an another client ?

Unfortunately,it has happened a few times.This is something that we can not have control of,but,every purchased item when it leaves the store to his client/s gets an unique identifier CODE. This code helps us to track down instantly the initial client of the item from the Purchases Database and we can restrict his acces in future to such more actions.

As for the other side,the clients that continue to keep their items private,will receive always bonuses and discounts and free updates on their purchased items/new items even somethimes.

Nobody will loose nothing,we always take attention and care of our customers.

How i receive updates of an item/s that i have purchased ?

Many items from the shop receive updates (on 3D platform & ETS2 platform).

Updates come automaticly.

Shop system uses automatic emailing to all emails registered on purchases made on it.

When an updated archive is uploaded in the shop,all clients receive the email from the shop system in 3-7 minutes / 10-15 minutes maximum.

If i don't like anymore my purchased item,can i be refunded ?

No. Remember that you are purchasing VIRTUAL / INTAGIBLE GOODS. (PayPal does not offer refunds for this).

But we come in the help of clients with very detailed fotos,description,even tittle of the items suggest what type of items they are.

Remember : ETS2 models have at FORMAT  the SCS description + the fotos  of course ingame.

Just pay attention,it takes just 1 minute to read descriptions and watch fotos of the items to realize if it is a 3D model or an ETS2 model.


AkirixDesign3DStudio Team